One main reason Citlan was started was David Eldredge was kicked out of Wyzant has a very strong network and is always out ranking every other business on Google. Eldredge was accused by Wyzant of going directly to the students for cutting out Wyzant from it 35% fee or commission. Eldredge was not able to convince Wyzant that they were mistaken on this and blocked Eldredge from Wyzant entirerly. Wyzant is very good and generating good referrals for tutoring and teaching. Currently all of Eldredge's piano students were found via Wyzant. Currently all of his chemistry and science and ESL tutoring and teaching/lessons students were also found on Wyzant. Hopefully this site will generate some new stedents for piano lessons, chemistry tutoring, AP chemistry, honor's chemistry and college chemestry for BYU. UofU, UVU Piano Lessons for Heber Valley and Piano Lessons for Wasatch County Area. Tutoring for chemistry for Heber Valley and chemistry tutoring for Wasatch County Area. Tutoring for High School Students, AP Chemistry and Honors Chemistry Tutoring. Piano Teachers in Heber City, Piano Teachers in Heber Valley and Piano Teachers in Wasatch County